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Atomic Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

The Fascinating History of Atomic Northern Lights

A Brief Introduction to Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights is a marijuana strain that has an interesting story. It is an indica-dominant strain, boasting a spicy aroma and a sweet taste. While some users would describe it as having an earthy flavor, others would call it flowery. Its physical effects make it an excellent choice for people experiencing physical pain. Additionally, it can also relieve symptoms of depression, stress, nausea, and insomnia.

The Origin of Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights has its roots in the early 1980s in the United States, where Thai Haze and Afghani indica were combined to create the Northern Lights strain. Northern Lights made its way to Canada, where it was subsequently cross-bred with its own indica-based relatives. That cross-breeding led to the creation of what we now know to be Atomic Northern Lights.

Cultivation of Atomic Northern Lights

Growing Atomic Northern Lights is relatively easy, both indoors and outdoors. The plant is short and bushy, and it flowers quickly, often in as little as eight weeks.

The Effects of Atomic Northern Lights

The effects of Atomic Northern Lights are one of the reasons why marijuana enthusiasts keep coming back for more. This strain boasts a potent high that relaxes the body and the mind. Its euphoric effects take over slowly, relaxing the body and allowing the user to unwind. This is a great strain for anyone looking to enjoy a lazy afternoon or an evening in front of the television.

A Comparison of Atomic Northern Lights and Other Popular Strains

| Strain | Characteristics | Effects |
|Atomic Northern Lights | Spicy aroma, sweet taste, short and bushy plant| Provides physical relief, helps with depression, stress, nausea, and insomnia|
|Northern Lights | Earthy aroma, sweet taste, low maintenance |Relieves stress and anxiety, induces deep relaxation, helps with insomnia |
|Afghani |Pungent aroma, sweet taste, densely-packed buds | Induces deep relaxation, treats insomnia, aids in pain relief|


Atomic Northern Lights is a marijuana strain with a rich history that stands out from the crowd. Its spicy aroma and sweet taste are just the beginning. Those looking for relief from physical pain, depression, stress, nausea, or insomnia should definitely give Atomic Northern Lights a try.

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