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Atomical Haze Marijuana Strain

Experience Deep Relaxation and Creativity with Atomical Haze

If you’re looking for a highly potent Sativa-dominant strain with a sweet and slightly pungent aroma, look no further than Atomical Haze. This strain is not only popular among cannabis enthusiasts for its high cannabinoid content, but it is also well known for its ability to reduce stress and create a long-lasting buzz.

Aroma and Taste

Atomical Haze is a mix of kiwifruit and fresh pineapple that creates a slightly pungent and sweet aroma and taste. This makes it ideal for those who seek a smooth smoke and an enjoyable taste alongside their medicinal benefits.

Effects and Benefits

Atomical Haze is well known for its ability to create a long-lasting buzz that is both relaxing and uplifting. The strain not only stimulates a sensation of relaxation and happiness, but also increases energy and creativity. This makes it perfect for those looking to de-stress and be productive at the same time.

Atomical Haze is highly medicinal and popular for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It is used to reduce or eliminate nausea, pain and eye pressure, and help alleviate symptoms of back pain and ADD.

Atomical Haze Overview

Strain Type THC Content CBD Content
Atomical Haze Sativa-dominant High Low

Overall, Atomical Haze is a must-try strain for those seeking a flavorful and potent experience combined with medicinal benefits. With its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while improving creativity and productivity, this strain is a favorite among many cannabis enthusiasts.

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