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Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Experience the Wonderful and Powerful Effects of Blue Hawaiian Strain

Blue Hawaiian strain is a masterpiece; a brilliantly crafted blend of the Hawaiian Kona and Blueberry strains that resulted in a beautifully-colored strain. One can surely appreciate the aesthetics of this strain, characterized by a mix of blue and green hues that are mesmerizing. But not just that, it also has a remarkably earthy aroma and remarkable taste that will definitely bring you to the tropics with its flavor combination of blueberry and pineapple.

But what makes Blue Hawaiian unique is not just its appearance, aroma, and flavor, but its effects on the body. Its effects start with a slow, creeping calmness that eventually hits and takes you to a state of tranquility that is simply indescribable. As you smoke, you will witness a psychedelic experience with notable visual distortions.

One of the best things about this strain is that it has no adverse reactions on the body. While one may experience occasional dizziness, it won’t be anything serious. Medical marijuana patients have also found relief through the use of Blue Hawaiian, which can help alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, and irregular bowel movements.

Blue Hawaiian Strain Overview

Before we go deeper into the effects of Blue Hawaiian, here’s an overview of the strain:

Strain THC Level CBD Level
Blue Hawaiian 22-26% 0.20-0.60%

As seen in the table, Blue Hawaiian’s THC level ranges between 22-26%, making it quite potent. It also has a CBD level of 0.20-0.60%, which is lower than most strains.

The Effects of Blue Hawaiian

Obviously, the effects of a strain vary for different users. But generally, Blue Hawaiian is known to provide a calming and relaxing effect that creeps on you slowly before it finally hits you. It’s essential to mention its ability to boost creativity as well. As earlier stated, one can experience a psychedelic or trippy effect, with visual distortion and altered perceptions, making the high more interesting.

This pleasant experience can, however, come with some negative effects like dry mouth and red eyes. Although it’s not too severe, it’s essential to hydrate yourself before and after smoking, and it’s also a good idea to use eye drops to prevent eye dryness.

The Medicinal Benefits of Blue Hawaiian

Since Blue Hawaiian is a cross of two strains, it shares its medical potential with its parent strains. As such, medical marijuana users opt to use Blue Hawaiian to mitigate depression, anxiety, and stress. Others turn to the strain to help with poor appetite, chronic pain, and irregular bowel movement. Users have also reported that it promotes better sleep, given its ability to induce relaxation and calmness.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Blue Hawaiian is a strain that is undoubtedly worth trying. Its beautiful appearance, aroma, and flavor combined with its unique and powerful effects make it a top choice for many marijuana users. Its medicinal benefits add more reasons to give it a try. However, while consuming, it’s always wise to consume responsibly and hydrate yourself to avoid any adverse effects.

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