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Bob Marley Marijuana Strain

Indulge in the legendary Bob Marley strain, a sativa dominant hybrid hailing from the heart of Jamaica – and relish in the incredible high bound to take you on a ride. It is named after the iconic musician himself and is highly regarded for its ability to enhance creativity while packing a powerful punch that benefits the mind with its activating effects. With heightened alertness, increased sociability and elevated energy levels, this strain is one of a kind in delivering an uplifted euphoric spirit – which eventually leads to bouts of uncontrollable laughter in most users. The Bob Marley strain is an exquisite cannabis cultivar that boasts a THC range between 18% and 20% and negligible amounts of CBN and CBD. When it comes to soothing various ailments, this strain is a natural remedy for individuals suffering from ADHD, muscle spasms, and nausea – offering a gentle touch.

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