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Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain Summary

Sweet Fragrance and Euphoric High: Bubble Gum Strain

Bubble Gum strain, a Cannabis Cup victor initially created in Indiana, is an Afghani-related strain with flowery scents. The high THC content, approximately 20.94%, provides a euphoric and fulfilling sensation. Consider it for lunchtime buzz since the after-effects begin to slow down after around 30 minutes. This strain creates a cerebral buzz initially that later transitions to Indica feel, resulting in creative ideas and increased appetite.

Medically, Bubble Gum is a versatile strain with a range of uses such as nausea, anxiety, migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, post-traumatic stress disorder, for stimulating appetite, and easing the effects of chemotherapy and other treatments.

Table: Medicinal usage of Bubble Gum Strain

| Medical Condition | Usage |
| Nausea | Relief |
| Anxiety | Relief |
| Migraine Headaches | Relief |
| Menstrual Cramps | Relief |
| Post-traumatic Stress Disorder | Relief |
| Stimulating Appetite | Effective |
| Coping with the side effects of Chemotherapy | Effective |

Bubble Gum Strain: The Fragrance
The Bubble Gum strain has a characteristically sweet and flowery fragrance. Breathing in its aroma brings forth the smell of berries, citrusy fruits, and flowers, instigating a relaxing feeling, making it one of the most sought after strains.

Bubble Gum Strain: The High
The euphoric high brought about by Bubble Gum strain uplifts a person’s mood, resulting in an overall feeling of joy and contentment. The initial buzz is felt in the mind, enhancing creativity and curiosity, and fueling the desire to do something creative. The effects from the cerebral buzz taper off into an aura of relaxation and restfulness, producing a more engrossing and laid-back sensation.

Bubble Gum Strain: Medical Usage

Bubble Gum strain is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, making it the most sought after strain in the world of medicine. It is particularly helpful in treating anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and nausea. Additionally, it helps to relieve menstrual cramps, migraines, pain, and as an appetite stimulant. Moreover, it has been proven to be effective in countering the side effects of chemotherapy and other related treatments.

Table: Effects on Medical Conditions

| Physical Condition | Effect |
| Nausea | Relieved |
| Anxiety | Reduced |
| Migraine Headaches | Relieved |
| Menstrual Cramps | Relieved |
| Post-traumatic Stress Disorder | Cured |
| Pain | Relieved |
| Appetite Stimulant | Effective |
| Counteracting the Side Effects of Chemotherapy | Effective |

Bubble Gum Strain: Indica and Sativa Strains
Bubble Gum strain is considered to be an Indica-Sativa hybrid, producing a multifaceted high that blends bodily relief and mental stimulation. The strain is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, delivering a well-balanced high that provides mental and physical relief. The high from Sativa strains produces a cerebral high that leaves individuals feeling energized, while Indica produces a full-body buzz that delivers total relaxation.

Bubble Gum Strain: Growing Details
Bubble Gum strain typically thrives both indoors and outdoors, producing a bountiful yield. The plant takes about eight to nine weeks to flower, although some cultivators may take up to ten weeks. The plant needs to be kept at a moderate temperature and humidity to flourish fully. The plant grows to about three to four feet tall and is suitable for both experienced growers and amateurs.

In conclusion, Bubble Gum strain, with its pleasant aroma and versatile medical uses, is a great option for those seeking a well-balanced high that carries both body and mind relief. Given its ease of growth, both amateurs and professionals can cultivate this strain. The Bubble Gum strain’s popularity ensures that it is widely available, making it an easy strain to come by in the cannabis industry.

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