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Flo Marijuana Strain

Flo: A Connoisseur-Level Cannabis Strain

Flo, a sativa-dominant strain, was carefully bred and nurtured in the late 1990s by the legendary DJ Short. It’s made up of a blend of Highland Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani strains, and has since become a sought-after variety in Colorado and beyond.

Origins of Flo

DJ Short, a renowned breeder, spent a considerable amount of research and development time to create Flo. He was looking to cultivate a strain that highlighted the best traits of its parent plants. Afghani’s body high and earthy flavor, Purple Thai’s scent, and Highland Thai’s energizing effects make up Flo’s unique and balanced characteristics.

Flo’s Distinctive Features

Aesthetically, Flo captures the eyes with its trichome-heavy nugs, hinting at the strain’s potency. It boasts purple hues and a smooth scent that contributes to its connoisseur-grade reputation. But Flo has more going for it than its looks.

Taste-wise, Flo impresses with a musky fruitiness that’ll remind you of berry-flavored candy. Aficionados also report its hash-like potency, complemented by a refreshing mint taste as you exhale. All in all, it’s a pleasant experience that’ll leave you wanting more.

Why Flo is a Premium Strain

Besides its physical traits and unique scent, Flo’s true strength lies in its traditional sativa genes. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for an elevated, sophisticated experience that reflects a discerning taste in cannabis. It’s no wonder that Flo won a High Times Cannabis Cup award – this strain truly delivers.

Table: Flo’s Characteristics

Strain Name Genetic Composition Sativa/Indica Ratio Cannabis Cup Awards
Flo Afghani, Purple Thai, Highland Thai 60/40 High Times Cannabis Cup

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