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Great White Shark Marijuana Strain

Great White Shark: The Hybrid Marijuana Strain with an Exceptional Medicinal Roster

Are you looking for a marijuana strain that expertly balances indica and sativa to provide a wide range of applications? Look no further because Great White Shark is the marijuana strain you need. With its well-balanced indica to sativa ratio, Great White Shark has become a widely popular strain known for its outstanding medicinal benefits.

The Creation of Great White Shark

Great White Shark is a strain that was developed in Amsterdam as a result of a cross between two of the most notable strains – White Widow and Super Skunk. This resulted in a hybrid marijuana strain that has become a crowd favourite due to its amazing effects on its users.

The Potent Aroma and Exquisite Taste

The aroma of Great White Shark is one that will leave your senses teeming with a potent skunky scent. The fruity taste that follows is nothing short of extraordinary. However, new users of cannabis might find these scents a bit overwhelming.

The Medicinal Roster of Great White Shark

Great White Shark has become a highly favoured marijuana strain due to its incredible potential for therapeutic applications. This hybrid contains an average THC content of about 14% and approximately 1.7% CBD. This concentration of CBD in Great White Shark’s profile makes it ideal for medicinal use.

Table 1: Medicinal properties of Great White Shark

Medical Effects Probable Treatment
Relaxation Anxiety
Pain relief Chronic pain, arthritis
Sedation Insomnia
Increased appetite Low appetite, eating disorders

The Experience: Effect on Users

Great White Shark has an incredible effect on its users, with its indica properties delivering mild cerebral high, resulting in a euphoric and uplifting sensation. This marijuana strain is ideal for those seeking inspiration as it induces creativity in its users. With Great White Shark, you can be sure of a relaxing, calming experience.

Table 2: Strain Profile of Great White Shark

Properties Details
Type Indica-hybrid
Flowering time 9-10 weeks
THC Content 14%
CBD Content 1.7%

If you’re looking for a strain that can help you explore your creative side, ease your pain, and leave you feeling relaxed and composed, then you need Great White Shark. Get yourself some Great White Shark today and experience the wonders of this hybrid marijuana strain.

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