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Heavy Duty Fruity Marijuana

Experience a potent and flavorful high with the Heavy Duty Fruity strain, a perfect blend of Mendocino Hash Plant and Big Bud. This hybrid strain boasts of long, thick, sticky and dense buds, emitting a fruity aroma upon burning. With an even 50/50 combination of sativa and indica, Heavy Duty Fruity offers a truly relaxing and uplifting experience, complemented by an urge to snack and giggle.

Heavy Duty Fruity is most useful for individuals struggling with sleeplessness and lack of appetite. While it may not be as effective for reducing pain or stress, this strain exhibits minimal negative side effects, with dry eyes being the most common. Heavy Duty Fruity promises an immersive and happy experience without the drawbacks of anxiety, paranoia, dizziness or headaches.

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