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M39 Marijuana Strain

M39: The Misunderstood Canadian Strain

M39, a hybrid strain that comes from a Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 crossbreed, has been gaining a reputation as a mediocre, commercial strain mass-produced in Canada for export to the USA. However, this strain is more than meets the eye.

With a fruity flavor that has been compared to asiago cheese with accents of tangelo zest, M39 offers a unique taste experience. Its exhale produces a woodsy taste with notes of cigar on the tongue, adding more layers to its complexity.

Although it has a less than powerful high, it may be perfect for some patients and users who enjoy the sleepy, couch potato experience. However, don’t let this fool you, as its THC content may be as much as 16.5%, enough to produce a mild to strong head buzz.

M39’s very compact buds are dense and heavy with many trichomes and visible crystals, making it an attractive strain for those who love a good-looking bud.

Overall, M39 may have been unfairly judged in the past, and it deserves a chance to prove its worth to those willing to give it a try.



  • Unique, fruity flavor
  • Compact, dense, and heavy buds
  • THC content can reach up to 16.5%
  • Less powerful high
  • Mass-produced and commercialized

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