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Mean Green Marijuana Strain

Experience the Intense High of the Mean Green Strain from DNA Genetics Farms

Mean Green, also known as Martian Mean Green, is an exceptional strain developed by DNA Genetics Farms, with a 60% sativa and 40% indica composition. This strain is a potent mind-altering strain that enhances consciousness and delivers a cerebral head high. You’ll experience an intense euphoric feeling, followed by waves of energy and creativity. As the high progresses, the strain leads into a deep relaxation, which is useful for effective pain medication. It has a mild sedative effect, offering substantial relief from chronic anxiety or stress, inflammation, and mild to moderate depression.

Aroma and Flavor

Mean Green has a distinctive scent of pine, followed by an exhilarating spicy pine and rose floral taste. Its taste is robust and refreshing, providing a unique experience with every smoke.

Health Benefits

Mean Green has several therapeutic effects that alleviate various physical and psychological disorders. Its sativa components enhance mood and energy, providing relief from stress and anxiety. The strain effectively reduces inflammation, making it useful for chronic pain due to injury or illness, and can provide relief for mild to moderate depression.

Below is a breakdown of the health benefits of Mean Green:

Health Benefits of Mean Green
Provides relief from stress and anxiety
Reduces inflammation
Effective for chronic pain caused by injury or illness
Offers relief for mild to moderate depression


Mean Green is a well-balanced strain, with its sativa components delivering a high that awakens and enhances the senses. The cerebral high uplifts the mood, providing an influx of euphoria and energy that inspires creativity. The indica components balance out the high, providing a deep relaxation that relaxes the body and mind. As a result, it is popular among both recreational users and medical patients.

Below are the effects of Mean Green:

Effects of Mean Green
Produces a cerebral head high
Delivers a feeling of euphoria
Provides an increase in energy and creativity
Induces deep relaxation
Helps alleviate physical and psychological disorders


Mean Green is an outstanding strain that blends the best of both worlds. Its high potency provides a cerebral head high that transitions into a deep relaxation, alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and generally helping with depression. The pungent aroma of pine and the exhilarating spicy pine and rose floral taste will leave you refreshed and relaxed, with every smoke. Consider trying Mean Green if you’re looking for an intense and therapeutic experience that leaves you pain-free and relaxed.

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