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Mendo Purps Strain

Mendo Purps: The Ultra-Violet Strain for an Indica Experience

Mendo Purps, also known as ‘The Purps,’ simulates an experience like royalty through its violet buds. Upon relishing The Purps, you’ll notice its hefty and dense nugs resembling small purple grapes. The delicious aroma, paired with a high THC content of 20%, makes it an ideal choice for users craving a sensuous experience.

The Purps Strain Details

The Purps is classified as mostly Indica (60%/40%) and can be identified by the massive quantity of violet hues that dominate the nugs. Despite its purple exterior, it reveals green leaves on the inside.

The exceptional calming effects of this strain culminate in heavy-duty couchlock, meaning you’ll want to sit back, relax, and have nothing planned after consuming this strain. The Purps offers a robust, powerful case of the munchies that’s sure to satisfy any craving. Therefore, using The Purps at the end of a long day is the ideal way to experience it.

The Purps Taste

The taste profile of Mendo Purps is pleasantly sweet with notes of grapes and pine, perfectly balancing the purple perfection of this strain.

Medical Benefits of Mendo Purps

The Purps provides ample medicinal value that helps with managing chronic pain, including migraines, headaches, and joint aches. The high THC content also works wonders to alleviate stress and anxiety, calming the mind and body. Additionally, if you’re experiencing loss of appetite, especially during chemotherapy, Mendo Purps is the perfect strain to stimulate your hunger.


Mendo Purps may be challenging to find in most cannabis dispensaries due to its rarity. This strain is not as common as others and is often challenging to come across. However, it is worth it when you do find it due to the magnificent and intense experience that it offers.

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