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OG KushBreath Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

The Rare and Deliciously Strong Indica-Dominant Hybrid, OGKB: A Complete Strain Guide

OGKB or OG Kush Breath, a strain variety of the famous Girl Scout Cookies, is a rare, indica-dominant hybrid comprising of 70% indica and 30% sativa. This outstanding strain is among the strongest of all cookies varieties, having the most flavorful cookies taste with 31.2% THC (CBD 0.04%, CBG 2.66%, CBC 0.34%). The sweet, nutty vanilla flavor with a spicy berry essence on the exhale is the hallmark of OGKB. Its pungent kush aroma is herbal and earthy, featuring nutty, berry, and chocolate undertones. The strain has an appealing appearance, with green nugs and orange hairs, coated with a layer of white and crystal trichomes.

The Potency and Flavor Profile of OGKB

OGKB is one of the rare and most potent Indica-dominant strains ever grown by breeders. It is known for its incredibly intense flavor that is sweet, nutty, and vanillish, with spicy berry notes that make it all the more appealing. With a THC level of 31.2%, OGKB is more potent than most of the other cookies strains out there. It has a rich terpene profile, which contributes to its unique aroma and flavor.

OGKB gives you a pungent kush odor that is earthy and herbal, and features hints of berry, chocolate, and nuts. It is a strain that gives a strong high that induces intense feelings of relaxation and mental clarity. OGKB is suitable for use in evening or night-time, as it can make you feel intense relaxation, resulting in a good night聮s sleep.

Medicinal Benefits of OGKB

OGKB varieties can help with various medical conditions such as arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and lack of appetite. Its potency is effective in easing pain and inflammation, making it the perfect choice for patients looking for quick relief from such conditions. With relaxing effects, OGKB can stimulate appetite and reduce anxiety or depression. It provides significant relief to those who seek benefits of effective mental and physical relaxation.

Appearance and Grow Info

OGKB is a beauty to behold when it comes to its appearance. Its nugs are green with orange hairs and covered in frosty white trichomes, thus making it an excellent strain to a collector. This hybrid indica needs warm weather but is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It has a flowering time of around eight weeks, and on average, it produces 400-450 grams per square meter in indoor cultivation.

Here is a brief look at the appearance of OGKB:

Appearance Information
Color Green with orange hairs and frosting of white and crystal trichomes
Texture Dense buds with resin-coated nugs
Size Small to medium-sized nugs
Shape Round, spade-like calyxes, and tapered


OGKB is a rare and potent strain of the famous Girl Scout Cookies that offers the most intense flavor with an exceptional nutty vanilla taste and spicy berry notes on the exhale. An indica hybrid with 70:30 ratios, OGKB provides potent effects suitable for daytime or night-time use. It has a fascinating terpene profile with a characteristic kush aroma, herbal and earthy, with nutty and chocolate undertones. OGKB possesses the ability to provide a range of medical benefits, including relieving pain and inflammation, aiding sleep, boosting appetite, and uplifting mood. Its excellent appearance and ease of growth make it an excellent strain for collectors and commercial cultivators alike.

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