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Presidential OG

The Potent and Effective Presidential OG Strain

Presidential OG is a must-try strain for those who are on the search for a potent and effective high. With THC levels that go beyond 20% based on tests, this strain brings a powerful high that can provide relief for various medical conditions.

Effective Medicinal Properties

The strain’s high THC level makes it suitable for patients who are dealing with migraines, ADHD, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. Its ability to provide relief for these medical conditions has made it a popular choice among medical marijuana users.

However, it’s worth noting that Presidential OG contains only about 0.3 percent CBD, which means it’s not ideal for treating seizures or other medical problems that rely heavily on CBD for relief.

Appealing Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Presidential OG features a striking appearance, with dark green and leafy buds complemented by orange hairs and resinous crystals. This high-quality strain also boasts of a delicious citrusy taste and undertones of pungent pine.

As for the aroma, Presidential OG’s smoke presents a skunky and earthy scent, making it as appealing to the nose as it is to the senses.

Minimal Side Effects

A combination of Bubble Gum and OG Kush strains, Presidential OG is also known to have few negative side effects. This information, coupled with its effectiveness and potency, makes it a must-try strain for both recreational and medical marijuana users.



Potent and high THC level Not ideal for seizures or other medical problems heavily relying on CBD
Effective for treating migraines, ADHD, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression Causes munchies
Citrusy taste complemented by an earthy and skunky scent
Minimal negative side effects

Give Presidential OG a try and experience its potent and effective high.

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