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Shiva Marijuana Strain

The Power of the Shiva Strain: A Balanced High with Hints of Spice

If you are looking for a dense buzz that provides an overwhelming feeling of contentedness, look no further than Shiva. This strain is a potent blend of sativa and indica, delivering a high that targets both the head and body, making it an ideal choice for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

The calming effect of the Shiva strain makes it a popular option for those seeking a means to alleviate anxiety and depression. The strain’s muscle relaxation powers also make it an effective pain reliever. Sufferers of chronic pain seeking a natural means of getting relief will find the experience of using Shiva to be both soothing and helpful.

One of the remarkable features of the Shiva strain is its unique taste. This strain offers hints of cardamom spice, giving users a different flavor experience. The unique taste only compliments the already excellent properties of the strain.

It is worth noting that the potency of the Shiva strain makes it better suited for individuals experienced in the use of marijuana. Even though the euphoria is undeniable, novice marijuana users may be overwhelmed by it’s strength.

Shiva’s fruity smell and light green appearance with little orange hairs make it easy to identify. Users may experience some side effects such as a high heart rate, dry mouth and eyes, and paranoia.

In essence, Shiva packs all of the wonderful effects of indica and sativa in one, making it a great pick for those seeking a balanced high with remarkable pain relieving capabilities. Its unique taste and aromatic profile are just an added bonus.

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