Portable Vaporizer vs. Vape Pen

There's a lot of confusion when it comes to vape pens and portable vaporizers. They ARE DIFFERENT. But, many people can't tell them apart.

Vaporizer pens and portable vapes both accomplish the same goal - but they do it differently. One vaporizer is discrete, while the other has more features and offers stronger vapor production. 

What's a Portable Vaporizer?

It's handheld. They are compact. Not as compact as vape pens though. They take many different shapes. Some portable vaporizers are disguised as inhalers and even travel mugs.

What's a Vape Pen?

It looks pen shaped. It's like an official pen, but thicker. Vape pens are MADE TO BE CONCEALED! They hide in your hand, and go into your pocket. They look similar to an ecig. Vape pens are meant to be portable and discreet. 

The main difference

The main difference is design. Vape pens are slender, more discreet, and portable. 

Heating Systems

Vape pens are very slender. Their heating systems are not as advanced as the heating system in portable vaporizers. Most vape pens have a conduction heating system, which means the material is heated directly on the heating element's surface(the atomizer). Conduction vaporizers usually are less smooth, and have a smoky tasting vapor. Not cool.

Portable vaporizers can have either conduction, or convection, heating systems. Convection vaporizers have PURE vapor, which is smoother and flavorful. By blowing hot hair through the chamber rather than heating it on the heating element - conduction vape minimize incineration. Vape pens simply DO NOT product the same level of purity as portable vaporizers. 

Portable Vaporizers Have More Features

Portable vaporizers more technology in them than vape pens. Some portable vaporizers can be controlled via mobile app. 

Vape Pens have Atomizers

Vape pens were made to handle waxy oils. It means the atomizer works very hard, and gets burned out quicker. It also means you have to replace the atomizer every now and then. You can also switch out different types of atomizers to get different vaping experiences. For example, you can switch between single, double, quartz, or ceramic, etc. 

It all comes to what you want to vape, how you vape it, and when you like to vape it.Vape pens are GREAT for vaping wax concentrates in a discrete situation. Portable vaporizers give you more options, vaping herb, wax, etc, and have more advanced features and heating systems. 

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