CBD Anti-aging Cream

Everyone is aiming for a clear-looking skin that looks just as great as it does when you are 20 years old. Plastic surgery and botox are gaining popularity, but are dangerous in of themselves. The side effects and results of an invasive surgery or injecting botox could be different than what you expect. Natural skin creams are also available on the market but are often quite expensive.

There is another natural skin care out there now — CBD anti-aging cream. It is an all-natural product that does not have harmful chemicals with numerous side effects.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a derivative of the marijuana or hemp plant. Unlike THC, it is not psychoactive and can be taken by anyone without altering your mental state. It is a cannabinoid that stimulates the natural production of the body’s own natural cannabinoids. These cannabinoids regulate sleep, mood, your hormone levels, immunity, fertility, cognitive function, and many more key activities. It is a compound that has numerous health properties and skin beauty is just one of them.

CBD for Wrinkles

The two processes that are connected with wrinkles are intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is the process of lowering collagen and sebum oil production which makes the skin more prone to sagging and healing slower. Extrinsic aging occurs due to environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure, and bad lifestyle choices like smoking. The extrinsic factors are much more powerful when it comes to aging of the skin.

The extrinsic damage to the skin is done through the free radicals that are induced by harsh environmental and lifestyle factors. Free radicals have one natural enemy — antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off the aging process by stopping the damage that free radicals would otherwise do. It is proved that CBD is a powerful antioxidant substance that can outweigh the activity of both vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Another reason for wrinkles on the skin is the lowering of oil production by the sebum glands. These tiny glands produce oil on the skin and help it be supple and protected from environmental factors. According to research, endocannabinoids are responsible for activating oil production. That is why CBD can help the body produce more oil and help with dry skin. Conditions with an extremely dry skin, such as eczema, are positively influenced by the use of CBD oil.

Another reason for using CBD oil for smooth skin is the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. Once the inflammatory processes on the skin are ceased, it is much calmer and the wrinkles are not as obvious.

Using CBD Cream

CBD oil extract can be administered orally to achieve the effect of anti-aging. It is also best to use the cream directly onto the skin and especially on problematic areas. Just find a high-quality CBD cream, and let it work wonders on your skin. Although this may seem like a new beauty solution, it is something that people have been using for thousands of years before the government banned the use of the hemp plant and its products. Take advantage of the gifts of mother nature for your beauty routine.

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