CBD Facial Moisturizer

Why Would Using a CBD Facial Moisturizer Be Good for Me? The skin is often described as the largest organ in the body. You want to keep your skin as healthy as possible. That means using cleaning and moisturizing products that remove excess oil and ensure the skin receives the nutrients needed to remain healthy. A facial moisturizer containing CBD oil will accomplish that.

CBD is a compound found in the marijuana and hemp plants. When properly extracted, the oil contains only cannabidiol and little to no tetrahydrocannabinol. This is important, since it’s the tetrahydrocannabinol that produces the high most people associate with marijuana use. Free of this quality, many people will find that a CBD facial moisturizer will help them keep their skin smoother and healthier in general. Here are some of the reasons why you should use this type of moisturizing product.

CBD Contains Plenty of Nutrients

A CBD moisturizer contains trace elements of many different nutrients that are needed to keep the skin healthy. There are also healthy fats that help to feed the outer and inner skin layers. Those fats aid in the absorption of nutrients while also increasing the skin’s natural ability to withstand damage from wind, sun, and other environmental elements. While not a replacement for using a sunscreen on sunny days, the nutrients do improve the ability of your skin to heal from just about any type of minor damage.

The Moisturizer Doesn’t Leave the Skin Feeling Greasy

Some people think that any moisturizer containing CBD oil would be greasy. In fact, it has one of the smoothest textures one can imagine. The product is absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves a silky texture. Wash the face first, pat it dry, then apply the moisturizer. The skin will often feel even cleaner after using the product.

Excellent Solution for Acne

There is evidence that regular use of a moisturizer containing CBD oil will help minimize and possibly eliminate acne. This is great for teenagers and young adults who deal with outbreaks. It’s also helpful for older adults who may develop acne as the result of stress. While there’s still the need to wash the face and deal with any other underlying causes, the moisturizer helps to remove oil deposits that clog skin pores and create acne and pimples. With the irritants removed, it’s easier to compensate for the increase in hormones that leads to acne in teenagers as well as the increased hormone fluctuation that results when adults are under a lot of stress.

Also Helps Moisturize Dry Patches

Many moisturizing products treat dry patches while making skin that’s already oily even worse. The nice thing about CBD oil in a moisturizer is that it will hydrate and cleanse dry patches without causing other parts of the skin to feel oily. The result is a face that feels more or less uniform in skin texture and appearance. This is great for anyone who suffers with drier skin on the forehead but has to deal with oily spots on the cheeks.

Helpful With Many Other Types of Skin Conditions

Acne is not the only type of skin condition that can be helped with this kind of moisturizer. Eczema and psoriasis are two prime examples. Along with nourishing the skin, the product helps to alleviate redness and minimize skin flaking. It will also soothe the skin’s texture and ease any sensation of dryness or discomfort when the person smiles or changes facial expressions.

Even is you don’t have some type of skin condition, the right CBD moisturizer will help to keep your face feeling clean, refreshed, and healthy. Between the nutritional value and the way your face feels really clean after the application, rest assured your money is well spent.

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