CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs As CBD oil becomes increasingly popular in humans, many pet owners are starting to wonder if they can also use it on their dogs. CBD oil does have many benefits for dogs, and can help with a variety of conditions.

The first thing pet owners need to know is that CBD oil is not psychoactive. Cannabidiol, casually known as CBD, can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is the component in marijuana that gives it psychoactive properties. CBD oil that is marketed for dogs has either extremely low trace amounts of THC or none at all. According to PetMD, hemp products contain less than 0.3 percent of THC so pet owners can feel assured that they are helping treat some of their pet’s ailments without giving them a feeling of being high.

Canines have a large endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that target various different organ systems. PhytoAnimalHealth explains that a canine’s endocannibinoid system is made up of three major parts that function together. There are the endocannibinoids, the receptors, and the enzymes that help create and break down endocannabinoids. This system works to control different body functions and keep the body running properly. When something stops working the way it should, the endocannabinoid system triggers a release of the enzymes to stimulate the receptors and try to restore balance. Supplementing with CBD oil helps stimulates the body’s natural system to work properly.

Administration routes of CBD for pets can vary, but the most common way to offer the supplement is orally. Pet owners can purchase a variety of flavored CBD oils as well as dog treats made with CBD to help make administration easier. Pet owners can also drop the oil on a treat and feed it to the dog that way, as well as mixing the oil into the dog’s food.

The list of benefits of CBD for dogs is constantly growing. The most common praise for CBD oil is that it can help prevent and control seizures. According to Dogs Naturally, an estimated 5 percent of dogs experience seizures due to various medical conditions. They also report that 7 out of 8 seizure patients experienced fewer seizures less than 6 months after starting CBD oil.

Reducing anxiety and stress is easily one of the most favorable uses for pet owners. Dogs can experience anxiety for a variety of reasons, ranging from thunderstorms to being left alone while the owner goes to work for the day. Some dogs have milder symptoms of their anxiety, but other dogs can have severe and even debilitating signs of anxiety. This is always hard for an owner to watch without being able to offer any comfort or reassurance. A dog’s endocannnbinoid system has multiple receptors in the brain and nervous system. When those receptors are stimulated by CBD oil, they release the same chemicals that our body would release to control anxiety and emotion.

Due to either illness or pickiness, dogs can occasionally lose their appetite and refuse to eat the food their owner offers. Dogs also have cannabinoid receptors in their intestinal tracts and stimulating those receptors can have a positive effect on their appetite. In addition to stimulating the appetite, CBD oil can help settle a dog’s stomach. Nausea due to motion sickness, chronic illness, or dietary indiscretion can be controlled with CBD oil.

More uses for CBD oil in dogs are always being discovered and researched. More pet owners are becoming familiar with the supplement as a large amount of people are looking to try natural remedies for everyday issues.

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