Your love of electronic cigarettes meets pleasure street when you choose this unique eliquid. Premium among today's vape juices, BLVD comes in a glass bottle that holds 30 milliliters of its delightful components.

We sell this exquisite liquid in four flavors whose monikers play on memories of classic cars. You might enjoy Fastback or Caddy, but also take a moment to consider Super Sport and Rat Rod.

Fastback features the fruity flavors you might recall from the breakfast cereal you enjoyed as a child. Caddy puts cotton candy's sweetness on your taste buds. Super Sport combines the essence of strawberries and yogurt. Rat Rod serves up sugary berries and a stellar aroma.

No matter the flavor you choose, BLVD comes in three nicotine concentrations. You can select a nicotine-free version, a six-milligram concentration or the middle ground of three milligrams.

Vape enthusiasts love the yummy notes produced by BLVD's large vapor clouds. This ejuice will make your flavor receptors boogie in delight, and it will put you in the right mood for your life's adventures.

You might enjoy BLVD during a gathering with friends, or you can partake of its tasteful graces while keeping yourself company. This great eliquid can drive you toward a good time!

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