Cloud Chasers offers a spectacular variety of high quality smoking accessories at consumer friendly prices, including several styles of the popular bubbler bong. Are you are trying to decide if a bubbler is the right pipe for you? If so, as Bill Nye the Science Guy would say, consider the following:

The bubbler's glass water pipes are praised for reducing the negative effects attributed to smoking
Bubblers filter out many of the hazardous chemicals and carcinogens from your tobacco or other smoking substance, purifying the smoke you inhale. The bubbler's glass water pipes lessen the potential adverse health effects associated with indulging in the occasional smoke, keeping your lungs stronger and healthier. This device is a great step towards protecting yourself from ailments ranging from bronchitis to lung cancer.

Casual smokers recommend bubblers for newcomers 
Known for its smooth inhalation, the bubbler pipe offers a beginner-friendly experience for first time and occasional smokers. Smokers with sensitive throats rely on the water pipe for its dependable highs without the resulting scratchy throat. The device's alternating warm and cool water heats enough to eradicate bacteria and subsequently chills for a soothing inhalation. In addition, this style bong allows more shallow breaths with shorter holding periods.

Cloud Chasers' glass bubblers lead to a cost-effective and efficient high
This style water bong is an inexpensive tool for filtering tobacco and delivering the substance of your choice more quickly and deeply into your system. Bubblers, once considered an alternative premium method of smoking, are now the everyday favorite accessory of smokers worldwide. Easy to use, share, and clean, the bubbler is bound to become your new best bud.

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