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Cuttwood is a So-Cal e-liquid company. It makes quality e-liquids, and their company is rooted in research, development, testing, and being innovative. Above all, their goal is to make the best e-juice on the market. Cuttwoods is committed to making the best products possible. They have created and adopted some of the highest standards in the industry. It's safe to say - they are leading the way, and are establishing themselves as a player who is here to stay. Cuttwoods makes products with only high quality ingredients, in safe labs. 

cuttwood e liquidUnicorn Milk - This is their go-to e-liquid. It's strawberry cream and it's become a staple in the vape industry. It's no a brainer if you like berries and cream. You will love this e-juice. It's sweet, and the cream flavor is smooth. It's an all day vape rotation e-juice. This is Cuttwood's attempt at making a berry cream e-juice. It's one of the best selling juices of all time. Many have tried replicating it, because it's so amazing. Many vapers love the fact it's so smooth, and it comes in a wide array of nicotine concentrations. This Cuttwood e-liquid is very affordable as well, and cheap compared to other competitors. We have it in stock, and never run out of it. We carry most sizes/nicotine concentrations of the Cuttwood Unicorn Milk e liquid. 


cuttwoods e liquidMr. Fritter - This is a favorite. It's apple fritter. Our team has tasted it and we all agree it does a great job at combining apples and cinnamon together. It's fruity, yet a dessert vape - so you get the best of literally both worlds. Cuttwood e liquid recently unveiled it, and it's been kept to a high standard. It's got a super smooth and very light composition, and the cinnamon comes through in each puff - but it's not overbearing at all. More importantly, you're able to still taste the apple - the flaky, pastry, crust - which compliments and enhances the mix. 

Sugar Drizzle - This is another classic hit e-liquid from Cuttwoods juices. First, it's important to mention sugar drizzle was originally called sugar bear. We're not too sure why it's been changed. This e-liquid is similar to Mr. Fritter, except for the apple. Sugar Drizzle, by Cuttwood E-Juice has a buttery, and cinnamon, bakery taste. It's sort of like a churro, or cinnamon roll. It's got that spicy, yet buttery, flavor. It's got a milk component to the e-liquid. It's sort of like dipping a churro into milk.  

Bird Brains - This is Cuttwoo'ds version of a fruity cereal and boy they did a great job on it. Cereal vapes are often generic, but this is one you gotta try. Bird Brains has the right blend of fruitness, milkiness, to achieve an e-liquid you can vape all day. If you love fruit loops, then you'll love bird brains. 



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