Dead Presidents is an e-juice line made in the USA. These four interesting e-juice blends pay homage to four of America’s finest leaders. All of these blends are 80vg/20pg, and are considered to be premium e-juices. All of these flavors are deeply American in spirit. The packaging and labels are extremely professional and gives the consumer the sense that they are a part of a grand US Secret Society, which the company actively promotes on their official website. 

George Washington’s flavor is a peaches & cream blend. This blend is meant to remind one of the great American summertime treat. 

Abraham Lincoln’s blend is brown sugar and vanilla with a butter cream. This is a great blend for those who like salty and sweet vapes.

Theodore Roosevelt’s blend is a lemon meringue pie. This blend has all the flavors of lemon custard, shortbread crust, and Meringue topping.

Finally, we have John F. Kennedy. This last blend is designed to taste like a warm churro with vanilla ice cream on top, and just a hint of cinnamon and sugar.

If, after tasting these blends, you want to become a part of Dead Presidents culture, you can join their Secret Society on their official website. By helping market and advertise their products, you could earn points to win different prizes from the company, including t-shirts and free e-juices. 

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