Five Pawns is a prestigious e-liquid brand. It's made by hand, and it comes in small batches - which adds to it's charm and luster. All numbers match and their batches consists of 275 per lot. The Five Pawns company invests a lot of time, and money, into how they make the e-juice, and the flavors. Their first 5 offerings, were in development for 6 months before they were released. They took their time perfecting it, and making sure consumers would love it. Their second edition - which consisted of 5 liquids - was in development for an even longer period of time. Bottom line, if you enjoy e-liquids, then you want five pawns. They are perfectionists, and they won't release a liquid which isn't perfect. They only use USP / Food Grade ingredients, which means it's the best quality e-liquid. They disclose the flavors in their liquid and only use the best ingredients found domestically. All of the juices are made in California. They have a 50/50 VG - PG blend.

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