Fumi Vapor is an e-juice company with a vision. Their mission statement, which can be found on their official website, imagines a world where vaping is the new normal. They see vaping as an art form akin to graffiti, and they desire to be at the forefront of changing mainstream perceptions of vapers and vaping culture.

This company takes great pride in what they do. They handcraft all of their signature blends in Los Angeles. All three of their original blends take their inspiration from iconic cities and come in very professional packaging.

The first blend is based on Hollywood and is called “An MGM Production.” The main flavors in this blend include mango, guava, and melon. This is a very sweet and fruity blend, which should help any vaper imagine him or herself on a Californian beach.

The next blend takes its inspiration from the Japanese capital of Tokyo. The blend, called “Sweet Ass Melons,” transports the user to the exotic land of Japan with its prominent flavor of honey melon candy.

The final classic blend takes us to Venice Beach. This blend is named “Berry Wet Nips” and tastes like an ice cream cone with dark berry flavors. 

Each of these blends comes in 30ml bottles and has 0, 3, 6, and 12mg nicotine levels. Each bottle is $22 through their official website. They also offer a wide array of mods on their website, as well as numerous ways to get involved in social campaigns promoting vapers and vaping culture.

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