Glass Pipes Under $50

If you are an on the go person and looking for a piece that is under $50, a glass pipe is the perfect piece for you. A glass pipe, also known as a hand pipe, is a piece that fits perfectly in your hand making it the ultimate mobile smoke companion. Glass pipes are functional and classic pieces. We carry many different types of the glass pipe including spoon pipes, chillums, steam rollers and sherlocks. A spoon pipe has a long handle with a bubble like bowl on the end and include a carb for intake control. A chillum is similar to a steam roller, but doesn't have a carb for a very basic and easy to use design. A steam roller has a straightforward design - it is completely straight tube of glass and the carb is at the end opposite of the mouth piece.

A sherlock has an old pipe look with a curved handle and a bubble like bowl at the end. No matter your preference, we have a wide variety of glass pipes at prices you can't beat. Some brands we carry that are $50 and under include Empire Glassworks, Mathematrix, Grav Labs, Chameleon Glass, Borodirect, Dichro, AMG and more. Not only do we carry different brands and types, but we also carry many different colors and designs. We can assure you that we have exactly what you are looking for. Check out our glass pipes under $50 to see which type of glass pipe is the best smoke companion for you!

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