Mathematix 4" Glow in the Dark Hand Pipe

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Everyone who enjoys dry herbs or raw tobacco wants to find the perfect pipe, and many have made it their mission to collect a wide range of pipes that include numerous styles and designs. One of the most common types of glass pipes is the spoon or hand pipe, which is shaped like a spoon with the bowl representing the scoop. These pipes come in a wide range of specific sizes, and many of them have unique coloration or even additional glass frills to make them even more individualistic. If you want a piece that is truly rare, you might consider this Mathematix 4-inch Glow-in-the-Dark Hand Pipe.

Mathematix is an American manufacturer of premium glass pieces, and their designs use thick glass that won't crack or break with standard usage. This particular design from the brand has an additional secret, and that is its ability to glow brilliantly in the dark. When this pipe has been allowed to absorb energy from any light source, it will release that light again once the area has been plunged into darkness.

The pipe is beautiful regardless of whether or not it's viewed in the dark or in a bright room. The intricate abstract design is quite alluring, and the pipe comes in either pink or blue options so there will be something for everyone. The bowl for the pipe is exceptionally deep, which makes it perfect for sharing or for individual relaxation sessions. Add this amazing glow-in-the-dark piece to your collection before it's gone.

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