Original Monkey Pipe


Have a little fun while smoking tobacco and other herbal products using an original monkey pipe. The pipe comes in a variety of colors that include blue, red, green and yellow. Intricate details are etched onto the wood on top of the pipe in the shape of an eye. The metal portion of the pipe is the area that is colored. With rich colors of the wood and the stunning paint on the metal, this is a pipe that you'll enjoy using.̴Ì_

There are a few additional accessories that you can combine with the monkey pipe. A case protects the wood and the metal from chipping. There is also an herb grinder available that will allow you to grind your tobacco or other products before putting the material in the pipe. The top of the pipe is moved to one side to reveal the bowl. The bowl is small in size, which is beneficial for those who don't want to smoke a lot at one time. Two small holes are located on the side of the pipe to keep the smoke cool. The pipe is American made. When looking at the wood on the pipe, it tends to get lighter or darker depending on the environment, which is a fun feature of the product.


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