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If you’ve just tried your first bong, you’re probably sitting there and wondering why you ever bothered doing anything else. Welcome to the dark side, well, the bong life. This wide world is always growing each day, and with so many new words, the terminology is growing about as fast as the bongs. You are probably wondering how to make a better, more informed decision on how to buy a bong. It can be difficult to know how to begin. However, we can help you get started on your purchase adventure with just a few basic things:

Bong: A Definition

Though we will discuss the details a little later, a bong is a tool used to consume cannabis by cooling the smoke before it enters the lungs. Through a special filtration process, the smoke is cooled in one or maybe, even more, chambers of water or ice. There are some designs that move the smoke continuously through the tool, which adds additional cooling. Bongs are made in many shapes and sizes, and they are completely different than bubblers which use water as well. The things that differ bongs and bubblers is the shapes and sizes of each.

How to Use it

In case you already forgot how there are several ways you can work a bong. They function in different ways, especially if you start to get into those concentrates. Generally, bongs work by the bowl being lit and the user sucking from the top of the bong. The bowl will then be removed along with the stem after the chamber is full of smoke, which then gives you the chance to inhale a great amount of smoke in a quicker time. If you still have no idea, you can check out most any comedy made in the past few years. They will show you how to work a bong the right way.

Why Use a Bong?

Whether or not you want to use a bong is completely up to your personal preference. Many smokers out there will prefer to jump from one piece to the next, depending on what they feel like. Some will choose a blunt or a joint, while others might choose a compact, stylish piece for those days they are out with their friends. Some still have a vaporizer at home. Bongs usually provide the user with a heavier and smoother hit. Joints and pipes are harsher, but they are not nearly as intense. Vaporizers are in a ballpark of their own. They give the user a cleaner, lighter hit that does actually build on you the more you use it.

What is a Perc?

A perc is a simple concept to understand. It is also known as a perk in a different spelling. However, a perc is simply the chamber or chambers of water that the main portions of the bong. A perc is just a shortened word for percolator which bubbles with water is moved through it. There are several different types of percs out here. One store even has as many as 14 types, which includes a special category for those non-standard percs. Creative glass experts around the world are beginning to come out with new designs for percs on a regular basis. You have probably seen some of the most classic designs, which is a bong type that your grandmother might think is a flower vase. However, you probably don’t know how to tell the difference between honeycomb, tree, or circ. There’s no need to worry though. For now, all you need to know is that they work to break up the smoke, water filter it, and then deliver the smoothest hit.

A Bowl

The bowl of the bong is the most important piece to the puzzle. It is actually the one thing that all bongs will have in common. You put the cannabis in this section here. Concentrate bongs will have a slightly different bowl than the other, more traditional bongs. The bowl actually attaches to the downstem area, which eventually leads to the perc. This combination delivers the precious smoke up to the stem and you, who are waiting, right? Everything starts with the bowl.

A Downstem

The downstem is actually a piece that you connect to the base of your selected bong. You pull the bowl down from this area. Downstems are also an additional element of percolation. There are different sizes, however, so if you are ever in the market to upgrade or replace the downstem on your current bong, you will need to decipher which size your bong will be able to handle. Typically, you can find it right in the product description.

An Ice Notch

An ice notch, or an ice catch, is what allows you to use ice inside of your bong instead of just water. Typically, the ice sits away from the top in an area close to the highest perc chamber. In multiple perc bongs, you might find that they are fitted with an ice catch for an additional cooling element in your bong. This results in masterpieces that are beautiful to look and use.

Can You Use Ice?

Ice cools the smoke in your bong, which leads to smoother hits without that harsh feeling. There is one slight catch, however. Ice gives the smoke a drier feeling. Many people do not take ice right away, so if you want to use ice in your bong, it will come down to the things you prefer. If the burn of a traditional or standard bong is disturbing for your, then you could try adding ice with an ice notch of course.

Are Bongs Healthier?

Though they use water to filter the cannabis, this is a misconception that people commonly make. Bongs do not alter the smoke other than just chilling it slightly. Cooler smoke is easier on the lining of your throat and both of your lungs, which might result in a minimization of the physical effects. You have a limited risk of inhaling ash as you might experience with a dry pipe. It’s not exactly worse for you, and there may be a few benefits which are from a need for less smoke. However, the only way to filter out cannabis truly is through a vaporizer.

The thoughts above are just the basics of a bong and the use of a bong. There is much more to it like the nails, genders, and even whacky glass. You might want to borrow a torch for the next half. If you have any more questions, all you have to do is ask.

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