Herb grinders come in all shapes, sizes, types, and brands. Herb grinders are super helpful because they make it easier to blend your herbs, and get a more enjoyable smoking experience. Cloud Chasers has a large number of herb grinders to select from. Cloud Chasers is always looking for better herb grinders - so always look out for great deals and great herb grinders. 

When it comes to finding a herb grinder, size and material of the grinder matter. We offer small, medium, and large, grinders with a varying number of chambers. It's best you find a size which is suited for your needs before you purchase. If you are someone who doesn't use a lot of herbs, but wants to get as much out of the herbs as possible - you should look at a small grinder with 3 chambers. The small grinder can store the herbs you have. Plus, you can have multiple chambers which separate and sift the herbs. One chamber grinds the herbs, one stores the ground herb, and the last one separate the pollens. If you have a lot of dry herbs, but don't want to store them - then you should consider a large grinder without so many chambers. 




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