Rocket Sheep Premium E-Liquid
Rocket Sheep Premium E-Liquid - Torus


We think you're ready for this jelly. Whether it's apricot, blackberry, black raspberry, boysenberry, Concord grape, orange marmalade, red plum, red raspberry, strawberry, or maybe even apple butter, jellies and jams come in some of the most luscious and intriguing flavors. They make our bagels, toast, crumpets, and English muffins 100 percent better. It's BFFs with butter and peanut butter alike. Few tastes on the breakfast table can match the sheer fruity deliciousness of jelly.

But you don't have to wait until breakfast time to enjoy the goodness of jelly. Visit and see our selection of delicious jelly-flavored e-liquids and you can vape the taste of jelly in the morning, mid-day, and all night long.

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