There's mainstream beer and then there's craft beer. Similarly, there are mainstream e-juice makers and then there's Kilo.

This award-winning boutique e-juice company has kept a razor-sharp focus on perfection. Taking time to carefully craft each flavor, Kilo has always valued quality over quantity. This is e-juice for the discerning vaper who wants to know what a truly premium vape experience is all about. If you are ready to take your vaping to the ultimate level then you are ready for Kilo.

Kilo is known for flavor mixes that balance fruity and creamy. If you're a fan of both, or can't decide which you prefer, you'll find something to suit you in one of the Kilo blends.

These are all fresh, bright flavors that recall nostalgic favorites while being thoroughly up-to-date. The sweet side is never overpowering and all the flavors deliver a solid throat hit.

Fruit Whip is a mix of berries, tropical fruits, apples, pears and whipped cream. Do you like fruit salads with whipped cream? Then you'll love this. 

Cereal Milk tastes like the milk left behind after you've eaten one of your favorite fruity cereals. But it's not for kids!

Kiberry features yogurt blended with strawberries and kiwis, a perfect mix of sweet and tart. It's like vaping a smoothie.

Dewberry Cream is a must-pick if you like the flavor of honeydew. Here it's mixed with just a hint of blueberry and some sweet cream for a taste like a summer morning.

Tru Blue tastes like blueberry custard pie and cream. It's your favorite holiday dessert in vape form.

All Kilo e-juices are handmade from natural ingredients using propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Each flavor comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12 mg of nicotine.

Get ready to know handcrafted heaven when you buy any Kilo flavor.

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