NKTR E-juice currently offers three premium fruit inspired e-liquids. All three of these blends are available only in 30ml bottles and with nicotine levels ranging from in 0, 3, and 6mg. NKTR prides itself for offering liquids that are odorless and tasteless to the outside world, yet offer the user a powerful fruity and exotic vaping experience.

The first blend is pear flavored. This blend is advertised as being an extremely clean and juicy vape. 

The second blend is mango. This is a very tropical blend with a sweet aftertaste.

The third blend NKTR offers is guava. This is yet another tropical blend that has a very distinctive taste. For those who do not know, guavas are a tropical fruit that are mainly cultivated in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Some people describe the taste of a guava as a blend of pear and strawberry.

Since these flavored blends are highly reviewed and considered premium e-liquids, if you buy one 30ml bottle on an official website it will run you around $22 for one bottle. There are a few special offers online for vapers who are interested in trying all three flavors. A NKTR Sample Pack, which includes one of each flavor, will set you back around $60. Also, for those new to the vaping community, there is a Simple Starter set available online. The Simple Starter pack includes one NKTR flavor and an “eGo One” 1100 mAh device, which includes a tank, drip tip, two coils, and USB charging cable. 

Whatever you choose, be sure to check these premium fruit blends out if you are a fan of tropical flavors.

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