Take a trip to Paradise when you use a flavor inspired by the sun, sea and sand of a beach vacation. Like a day on the shore these flavors are bright, fun and sparkling. If you like to vape pure fruit flavors this is the brand for you. Nobody does fruity like this California company.

Based in Orange County, Paradise Vape began as a retail store whose founders spent years developing flavors that would reflect its location and the fresh produce that abounds there. The success of these flavors has spread beyond the state and now you can enjoy the refreshing taste that has made Paradise Vape one of the country's top sellers.

There's a lot of variety to choose from in this line, all featuring the best of California's freshest fruits. Try the Pink Dolphin, a berry mix; Rainbow Paradise with a blend of tropical flavors; Sweet Tooth Surfer, a watermelon punch; or Pineapple Express that combines pineapple and banana. 

Other flavors include Monkey Tree, which tastes like watermelon candy, and Strawberry Palms, a blend of strawberries and cream. 

Paradise Vape also offers some flavors that are off the fruit track, like the coffee-flavored Wake & Shine; Ocean Breeze, a chilly menthol vape; or Tiki Head, which has a light cotton candy taste. 

All Paradise Vape e-juices are made in the U.S. from natural ingredients. They come in cheerfully designed 15 mil bottles that feature playful dolphins, sharks and other elements that highlight the beach-vacation feel of this line.

The e-juices are available in 0mg, 6 mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine levels. They have both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and deliver moderate levels of vapor and throat hit. 

Get your beach vibe going with Paradise Vapes. Kick back with a fruit cocktail and get ready to enjoy your own endless summer.

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