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Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes

Why Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes are the Best Option for Your Product Packaging

The Problem with Traditional Pre-Roll Packaging

Traditional pre-roll packaging can pose several problems for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Glass jars and paper packaging are frequently used, but they can shatter or break easily, leaving a mess or compromising the integrity of the product. Additionally, paper packaging is not airtight, which can affect the freshness of the product and decrease its shelf life.

The Advantages of Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes

Plastic pre-roll tubes have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and durability. Here are some of the advantages of using plastic pre-roll tubes for your product packaging:

1. Protection: Plastic pre-roll tubes provide superior protection for your product, preventing it from being crushed or damaged in transit.

2. Airtight: Unlike traditional paper packaging, plastic pre-roll tubes are airtight, ensuring your product stays fresh and maintains its potency.

3. Versatility: Plastic pre-roll tubes come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for a diverse range of products. They are also customizable and can be printed with your logo or design.

4. Convenience: The compact size and portable nature of pre-roll tubes make them convenient for on-the-go use. They fit easily into purses, pockets, and backpacks.

Types of Plastic Pre-Roll Tubes

There are several types of plastic pre-roll tubes available on the market. Here are the most common ones:

Single Tube Polystyrene 1-2 pre-rolls Individual sale or sample distribution
Multi-Tube Polypropylene 5-7 pre-rolls Bulk sale or storage
Child Resistant Tube Polyethylene 1-2 pre-rolls Safety requirement for states with Child Resistant Packaging Laws

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, plastic pre-roll tubes offer several advantages over traditional pre-roll packaging such as glass and paper. Alongside providing superior protection, they are customizable, convenient, versatile, and help to keep the product fresh. With these benefits, they are worth considering for your cannabis product packaging needs.

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