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Pre-Roll Packaging

Revamp Your Pre-Roll Packaging: Elevate Your Brand and Increase Sales

Pre-roll packaging is an essential aspect of any cannabis brand since it can attract new customers and keep returning ones coming back. However, the competition in the cannabis space is fierce, with so many brands fighting to stand out on dispensary shelves. As a result, having attractive pre-roll packaging that stands out is more important than ever.

The Importance of Pre-Roll Packaging

As stated earlier, pre-roll packaging plays a significant role in elevating your brand and attracting customers聮 attention. Hence, it would be best if you took packaging as seriously as you take branding and marketing efforts. Additionally, making a great first impression can solidify the opinion of potential customers about your brand.

When creating pre-roll packaging, there are essential features it must have:

Safety and Protection: The package should be secure enough to hold the pre-rolls without damage, tamper-evident to ensure customers feel safe consuming your products, and child-resistant to comply with regulations.

Informational: The packaging should include all necessary information related to the product聮s contents, from strain type and potency to usage instructions, for customers to make informed purchases.

Design: The package should be visually appealing, using unique designs and high-quality printing techniques to grab the attention of those browsing dispensary displays.

Factors to Consider When Creating Pre-Roll Packaging

Here are other factors to consider when creating your pre-roll packaging to ensure it stands out and attracts customers.

Size: From king-sized to mini-joints, consider the size of your pre-roll pack regarding what works for both your customers and brand.

Material: Choose high-quality, eco-friendly materials that will protect the pre-rolls against moisture, air and light. Some popular materials used include glass, plastic or metal tubes, and paper.

Shape: Consider different shapes for your pre-roll packaging to stand out, such as cylindrical tubes or triangular containers.

Branding: Make sure your branding elements are prominent on the packaging, including logos, websites, social media handles, and taglines to help customers remember your brand.

Marketing: Use colors, symbols, graphics, and fonts that are consistent with your brand聮s aesthetic and messaging. You can also customize the package by adding special features like holographic or matte finishes to make it stand out.

Different Types of Pre-Roll Packaging

Below are some types of pre-roll packaging:

1. Joint Tubes: These are one of the most common pre-roll packaging methods in dispensaries. They often come in half or full gram capacities and provide complete protection from moisture, light, and air.

2. Tins: Tins offer a durable and sturdy option to protect pre-rolls from accidental crushing.

3. Boxes: Boxes offer more space to incorporate informational details, and they allow ample customizability to tailor your brand packaging聮s look and feel.

4. Pop Tops: These are an affordable, easy-to-use option for colourful and branded packaging.

The Benefits of Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

The advantages of investing in custom pre-roll packaging go beyond protecting the pre-rolls. It can also bring the following benefits:

Brand Visibility: Every branded pre-roll package put on display increases your visibility as a brand.

Customer Relationship: Displays your interest in your customer’s overall experience consuming your products.

Brand Loyalty: By giving your customers easy access to your pre-rolls, you give them more reasons to stick with your brand over competitors.

Before Packaging Redesign After Packaging Redesign
Plain, no branding, no design elements Visually appealing packaging, informative, child-resistant
Generic design not standing out or resonating with the target audience Consistent with branding, engaging colours or finishes, graphic teasers, catchy slogans, and taglines specific to the target audience
No additional advertising value beyond the retail environment Extended reach in promotional material, organic content created by consumers posting images online, sharing on social media channels.

The Bottom Line

Upgrading your pre-roll packaging uplifts your brand and can boost sales. Ensure your packaging is unique, visually impactful, and informative, providing significant benefits to both the merchant and the consumer. A good pre-roll package must stand out, protect the pre-rolls, and offer valuable branding opportunities.

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