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RAW Rolling Papers

The Perfect Papers For A Smooth High: RAW Rolling Papers

If you are looking for a premium rolling paper that is 100% natural, RAW rolling papers are just the right solution. These transparent, thin rolling papers make smoking a more enjoyable experience. They burn very slowly and evenly compared to other rolling papers because they contain no chemicals.

RAW Rolling Papers History

RAW Rolling Papers originated from the desire to offer smokers an additive-free option. Founder Josh Kesselman saw a need for a natural rolling paper that wouldn’t affect the taste of the herbs. RAW has since become one of the most well-known brands for smoking products in the world.

Why Choose RAW Rolling Papers?

There are numerous benefits to choosing RAW rolling papers over other brands:

No Chemicals: These papers are unbleached, free of chemicals, and natural.

Better Taste: Users get to enjoy the full flavor of their herbs without any unwanted taste from the paper.

Slow-burning: The lack of chemicals causes it to burn slower and more evenly.

Eco-friendly: RAW strives to be environmentally conscious by using sustainable practices and materials when making their rolling papers.

Wide Range of Products: RAW offers different types of rolling papers that cater to specific needs, such as cones, pre-rolled tips, and more.

Different Types Of RAW Rolling Papers And Their Benefits

Type Description Benefits
RAW Classic Rolling Papers Made from non-processed natural fibers. Unbleached, easy to roll with, allows for better airflow while smoking.
RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Made from pure hemp fiber. Chemical-Free, slow-burning, and eco-friendly.
RAW Cones Rolling Papers Pre-rolled cones with tips attached. Convenient, easy to use, perfect for beginners.
RAW Black Rolling Papers Thinner than their classic version. Perfect for those who want to taste their herbs and not the paper, slow-burning.

How To Use RAW Rolling Papers

Using RAW rolling papers is quite easy. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Gather all necessary elements, including your preferred RAW rolling paper, tobacco, and filter tips if desired.
  2. Crumple up the paper gently, then unroll it carefully to flatten any wrinkles or creases in the paper.
  3. Sprinkle your herb or tobacco on the paper, spreading it evenly across the width of one side.
  4. Pack the tobacco down gently with your fingers, ensuring it is evenly distributed across the entire paper.
  5. Roll one edge of the paper between your fingers and thumb while using your other hand to hold firmly at the bottom.
  6. Lick the adhesive part of the paper and seal the joint close.
  7. Twist the ends to achieve the perfect shape, then light it up and enjoy your favorite blend.


RAW Rolling Papers are ultimately the best choice for smokers who prefer a natural, chemical-free product. Not only do they help users to enjoy smoking to the fullest potential, but they’re also environmentally friendly and come in different varieties to suit everyone’s preferences. RAW Rolling Papers has indeed set the bar high among its competitors and continue to win customers’ hearts worldwide.

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