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Rolling Essentials

Rolling Essentials

Rolling is an art, a skill that requires practice and the right tools. Whether you’re rolling your own cigarettes or joints, having the essential tools can make all the difference in the world. In this article, we will discuss the must-have rolling essentials for anyone who wants to roll like a pro.

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers are one of the most important aspects of rolling. They come in a range of sizes, flavors, and materials. The most popular papers are made from rice, hemp, or wood pulp. When choosing papers, pick the right size for your aim, and consider the flavor you want.

Tips for Choosing Rolling Papers

When selecting rolling papers, some factors to consider include:

– Size: Choose the paper size based on how much cannabis you want in your joint. For smaller amounts, use small papers while larger ones could be a good choice if you plan to make king-size joints.

– Material: Rice papers have a neutral taste, while hemp papers are more flexible and require less glue. Wood pulp papers burn quicker but are less expensive.

– Flavor: Some people prefer flavored papers to add another dimension to their smoking experience. Flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and many others are available in most smoke shops.

Rolling Machine

A rolling machine is not necessary, but it makes the process much simpler if you’re new to rolling. Rolling machines are budget-friendly devices that assist in producing perfectly rolled joints. These machines help to create consistently rolled joints and eliminate the discomfort of failing at rolling by hand.

Types of Rolling Machines

1. Hand Roller – This type of machine is held in one hand, and you operate it with the other hand. It’s the simplest form of rolling machines and the most affordable.

2. Automatic Roller – It is battery-powered and can generate more consistent high-quality rolls. Automatic rollers come with adjustable knobs to achieve varying consistencies according to your preference.


If you’re rolling up weed, then the last thing you want is for clumps of cannabis to ruin your smoking experience. A grinder is an essential tool for preparing your weed before rolling. Grinders crush the herb into miniature uniform pieces, making for a smoother, slower burn and ensuring that you don’t waste any of the precious plant matter.

Types of Grinders

1. Manual Grinders: Constructed from plastic or metal, manual grinders are portable and usually inexpensive.

2. Electric Grinders: These grinders run on batteries and are ideal for individuals that enjoy smoking often. More expensive than manual grinders, electric grinders produce finer flours and save time while avoiding overuse on the user聮s wrist and joints.


Filters are used to prevent the plant matter from entering the user’s mouth when inhaling. Without filters, you might get bits of plant matter in your mouth or throat, leading to irritation.

Types of Filters

1. Pre-rolled tips/filters: Use pre-made tips or build them yourself using sturdy material like index cards, postcards or blister packs.

2. Reusable Filters: Also known as screens, are generally constructed from metal or glass and need only regular washing to keep them clean.

Final thoughts

Smoking is a personal experience that varies in preference from one smoker to the next. However, to guarantee the best smoking experience, you聮ll need rolling essentials to ensure your joint or cigarette burns evenly with excellent airflow. Rolling papers, filters, grinders, and rolling machines are must-have essentials that will enhance your smoking game.

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