Saki Bomb is the ever so popular variety of three distinct EJuice Liquid tastes. This EJuice variety is fruity and sweet. It will bring satisfaction to your nicotine and fruity flavor needs. There is also one that has a creamy and milky taste to it.

Fist, there is the Saki Pop flavor. Saki Pop is a blend of blue raspberry, cherry and lime. It works great with fruity drinks. Try some at a party or while drinking a fruit smoothie. A highly popular top pick for your fruity eJuice collection.

Next, the Deathstar Kiwi flavor has such a smooth and refreshing kiwi taste with a strawberry pop. This kiwi strawberry flavor is ideal for those who absolutely love the taste of strawberry and kiwi.

Finally, the KungPao's Kitten milk has a creamy and milky cinnamon flavor that is really smooth. It is ideal for those who want a creamy flavor to their vape.

Overall, these Saki Bomb flavors are becoming quite popular among many vaping enthusiasts. If you have a friend who vapes, get them all three flavors as a gift and see which one they like the best. You can also get all three for yourself. You should. You are sure to love each flavor.

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