Saki Bomb has three awesome flavors of eJuice liquid for your vaporizer. The Saki Pop flavor is a blend of blue raspberry, cherry, and lime to make a fruity Juice that pops with flavor when vaporized.

The taste cannot be compared. It is a stimulating and quite fruity flavor that can't be matched in its fruitiness. If you crave that fruity taste, add this Saki Pop eJuice flavor to your EJuice collection today.

Not only do you get an awesome flavor that tastes so sweet and good, but you get the nicotine that you need without the harmful carcinogens from smoking. It tastes awesome. For people who want to vape with a fruity taste sometimes, this one tops the list.

This Ski Pop EJuice is perfect for parties when drinking punch or other fruity drinks. It goes great with daiquiris, and smoothies, too. Get different fruity tastes from drinking fruity drinks and vaporizing this blue raspberry, cherry and lime blend of flavors.

Many people absolutely love this particular flavor. It tastes kind of like a popsicle. It is sweet, and satisfying, and smooth. The vape you get from this eJuice comes in a variety of nicotine levels. Many prefer higher levels of nicotine to kick the smoking habit. Find your own custom nicotine level and enjoy it with this always popular Saki Pop EJuice.

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