Sherlock Glass Pipes Under $100

Known for being a staple in the smoking community, Sherlock glass pipes are aptly named after their cheeky detective namesake. Their design and shape pose a striking resemblance to that of Sherlock Holmes’ pipe, embodying refined characteristics, elongated features, and distinctive design. Among a few of these stylish glass pipes include:

The Blue Steel Eel - 12” Sherlock - $39.99
An undeniable nod to Sherlock’s classic pipe design, the Blue Steel Eel offers a simple, yet sophisticated feel. Infused with blue frit glass, this piece changes its hue the more frequently its used. The ever-changing color scheme, paired with unmatched elegance, makes the Blue Steel Eel a knockout glass pipe.

The Green Brigade - 12” Sherlock - $39.99
This piece oozes charisma with its pronounced arch design and dragon green color. The bowl was designed with white swirl highlights, only adding to the pipe’s uniqueness. For optimal stability, the base of the bowl includes two glass baubles.

4” Ridged Sherlock Glass Pipe - Blue - $9.99
This stunning blue pipe comes equipped with a two ring design, creating a secure grip and preventing slippage. A subtle white line accent adds to its elegance, while the anti-roll beads allow the piece to stand upright and fully showcase its beauty.

3” Baby Sherlock Striped - Fumed - $9.99
This adorably compact Sherlock pipe is a perfect piece for on the go. The wavy lined design is very reminiscent of electromagnetic wavelengths, likely a nod to Sherlock’s scientific nature.

Magma The Mammoth - 4.5" Elephant Hand Pipe - Purple - $19.99
This unusual piece is surely the only one if its kind. With top-notch craftsmanship and a detail-oriented approach, this elephant pipe is undoubtedly a conversation starter.

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