Mathematix Color-Changing Sherlock Bubbler

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The Color Changing Sherlock Bubbler uses color changing glass technology to give you the coolest smoking session you’ll ever experience. The piece is 7 inches tall and made in the United States out of thick fumed glass. Fumed glass is a type of glass created by heating either silver or gold to an extremely high temperature. When the metals reach this temperature they release fumes which are bound to the surface of the glass. This process gives the glass a colorful semi-transparent appearance. The color changes over time due to exposure to heat. 

The bubbler uses a deep bowl that has two levels. The bottom level is filled with water, and the top level holds your herb. When you light the herb. Smoke travels through the water and creates bubbles. This action filters your smoke, removing ash and toxins and produces a smooth and clean hit every time you use it. The bowl is deep enough to pack plenty of herb for a long smoke session.

The pipe is perfect for the smoker who likes interesting looking pieces. The changing colors are sure to amaze you and your friends. This bubbler is also easy to clean, meaning it’s the perfect piece for daily use and for passing around in a group.

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