Sherlock Glass Pipes

Cloud Chasers offers a wide selection of sherlock glass pipes. These pipes were named, and modeled, after the iconic pipe used by Sherlock Holmes. These glass pipes have a unique shape, which is very unmistakeable. Sherlocks are recognizable due to their curved neck + mouthpiece, which gives the pipes a unique look. We have a wide array of sherlock glass pipes available at Cloud Chasers.

If you're looking for a standing sherlock, we've got plenty of those. Standing sherlock glass pipes have a flattened base, or "two dots," known as feet, which support and balance the pipe when it's not in use. This stops it from tipping over, and prevents you from losing any herbs. Cloud Chasers also has an excellent selection of Gandalf pipes. These glass pipes are named after the iconic pipe from Lord of The Rings. Gandalf pipes are recognized by their elongated styles. Some Gandalf pipes are over a foot in length. These pipes are a great way for dry herb smokers to add some flavor to the way they smoke. 

In specific Sherlock Glass Pipes got their name due to the pipe Sherlock Holmes used. The sherlock pipe was the hand pipe of choice for English smokers back in the day. It's a classic. Sherlock pipe were once referred to as a "billard," or "bing," and it's influence spread to all of the English colonies. CloudChasers offers an assortment of sherlock glass pipes in a wide array of styles, colors, and designs. Many brands we carry have their own signature sherlock glass pipes. Among these companies are Grav Labs, Chameleon Glass, and Mathematix. At Cloud Chasers you can find the exact pipe you want. For example, the Grav Labs Mini Sherlock Pipe is smaller than most pipes. It's unique, it's dry herb bowl is bulbous - not spherical. The bowl is cylindrical shaped. 

Empire Glassworks is another company worth checking out. Their sherlock glass pipes have a theme. The themes range from beehives, to octopus, to all types of intricate designs. Chameleon glass is also known for their themed pipes. They also make great spoon pipes, glass blunts, chillums, and steamrollers. 

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