E liquids are gaining popularity for those of us who are smokers, working to kick the habit. And the available flavors are increasingly awesome and include fruit juices, coffees, coconut, and desserts. 
One of the several up and coming trends in the e liquid business are sorbet flavors and friends; these are delicious! Of course, the levels of nicotine vary to meet your needs. But these flavors are more than enough to drive you always from cigarettes and into the waiting arms of comfy sorbet tastes. 

• Sweet Orange will bring back childhood memories of the local ice cream truck and dream cycles
• Kiwi Strawberry, Sweet and Sour Strawberry Blueberry and Strawberry Shortcake both have terrific strawberry taste 
• Peppermint and Manic Mint 
• Blueberry Cheesecake and Basic Blueberry offer you an excellent blueberry flavor 
• Vanilla Cream is, of course, a standard and who could resist the sweet taste of a ripe peach, a slightly sour livid lime or a combination in Rainbow Sherbet
• Juicy Melon and Mega Melons, who can resist the taste of melons, especially during the cold months when the “real thing” isn’t available in stores
• Mango melon and Chili Mango and Mango

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