Straight Tube Bongs

As a smoking enthusiast, you have probably seen some pretty complicated and impressive bongs out there. Even though some of the swirling, intricate bongs that are on the market can be impressive to look at and fun to smoke with, sometimes you just want to go with something a bit more traditional. That's where our straight tube bongs come in handy.

Probably quite similar to the first bongs that you might have ever used, these straight tube bongs have a very simple design and construction. However, they are anything but boring. Many of them are made of very high-quality glass and are designed to last for many years. Plus, some of them feature intricate percs, allowing you to filter your smoke and adding a nice design element to the aesthetics of your bong. Many come in clear glass, but some of our straight tube bongs come in bright, bold colors or have simple yet colorful accents.

Whether you are looking for a small bong that can be easily tucked away and used for daily smoking or if you are looking for a larger bong that is a bit more impressive, we think you will find something that suits your preferences and budget out of our collection of straight tube bongs. With names from top glassmakers and bong companies like Grav Labs, Boro Direct, AMG Glass and more, you're sure to see some bongs that you recognize and some new pieces that you might have never had the chance to see -- or smoke with -- before.

Ok, so you've just tried out the bong and you're asking yourself why you haven't used it from the beginning. Greeting to the bong world! The bong world is getting bigger every day, with new terms being created nearly as quick as the bongs are. It is important to you that you make a wise decision when purchasing a bong, but where do you even start? Here are a few ways to get yourself started:

What exactly is a bong?

We'll discuss the specifics later, but the bong is a tool designed to consume cannabis. The goal of the bong is to cool down the smoke before it passes through the lungs. This is achieved by filtering the smoke. The smoke is filtered through the chambers (sometimes more than one) that consist of water and occasionally ice. Some styles of bongs will allow the smoke to move throughout the object, which results in continuous cooling. Bongs are made in all sizes and shapes which makes them different from bubblers.

How does a bong work?

You're telling me you forget how to use it?! That must have been a really nice bong. Bongs have a number of different functions. You first start by lighting the bowl and gradually sucking through the top at the same time. You then want to remove the stem and bowl once the chamber has filled with smoke. This allows you in inhale a lot of smoke in a small amount of time. If you're still confused about what is going on, come out from under the rock that you have been hibernating under and go see any comedy that has been made is the last two decades.

Why use a bong rather than another method?

What device you choose to smoke from is your personal preference. A lot of smokers decide to switch it up and jump between different pieces. Many people will smoke a blunt or a large joint when out will friends leaving their vaporizers and bongs at home. Bongs usually have a much smoother hit, meanwhile pipes a joints are a tad harsher. With that being said, pipes and joints aren't generally as intense. Vaporizers are slightly different in the sense that they provide clean and lighter hits.

What's a perc?

A perc (sometimes spelled "perk") refers to the chambers full of water that are featured on the bong. Perc is an abbreviation for the word percolator. A perc bubbles when water passes through it. There are a number of different types of percs. For example, the GrassCity store has over 14 types which include a whole category for different types. Glass experts are continually coming out with new and improved designs. Many people are familiar with the classic perc. This is the type of bong that your grandmother will probably mistake as a vase. The only thing you need to know right now is that they are intended to break up the smoke, purify it through water and provide a smooth hit. 

What's a bowl?

The most critical part of your bong is probably the bowl and it is the number one thing that bongs have in common. It's what you put your cannabis in! Concentrate bongs have a slight difference in the bowl than a traditional bong, but you get the point. The bowl gets attached to the downstem which leads to the perc, and then sends the smoke up through the stem and then goes into your lungs. It all begins with the bowl!

What's a downstem?

The downstem is the piece at the bottom of the bong that is connected at the base. This is the piece that you set your bowl in. A few downstems, add an additional element of percolation. It is important to know downstems come in a number of different sizes, so if you are considering replacing or upgrading your downstem, you should determine the size that best fits your bong. This information may be found in the description of the product.

What's an ice catch?

An ice notch (also called an ice notch) makes it possible for the bong to use ice. The ice notch generally sits right over the highest chamber and a reasonable distance from the top. A common model is demonstrated in this piece. Additional multi-perc bongs and usually fitted with an ice notch to add another cooling element. This results in these large masterpieces. 

Should I put ice into my bong?

The purpose of the ice is to cool the smoke which leads to a smoother hit. However, the ice could potentially give the smoke a "dry" feeling. Using ice all comes down to your personal preference. If you feel that the burn from a standard bong is unpleasant, you may try using ice, but make sure that you are using a bong that has the ice catch. 

Are bongs healthier because they purify the cannabis through water?

Many people misunderstand this. Bongs do not alter the smoke except for chilling it. When you use ice in your bong, it cools the smoke and is essentially easier on your lungs, leaving the physical effects minimal. When using a bong, you don't run into the possibility of inhaling the ash like with a dry pipe. Bongs are by no means worse and could have possible side benefits. We are aware that the only way to filter cannabis is through a vaporizer.

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