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Tubes can refer to various things, including:

1. Tubes (electronics): Vacuum tubes or electron tubes are electronic components used in old-fashioned radios, amplifiers, televisions and other electronic devices.

2. Tubes (transportation): In some countries, “tubes” is a colloquial term for the subway metro systems

3. Test tubes: Small, cylindrical glass containers used in laboratories for holding, mixing and heating chemicals.

4. Inner tubes: A rubber inner tube inserted inside tires of vehicles and bicycles to hold air.

5. Fallopian tubes: The tubes connecting the ovaries and uterus in female reproductive system.

6. Tube tops: A women’s clothing item that is a sleeveless top that covers the torso and leaves the shoulders bare.

7. Drainage tubes: Medical equipment used during surgery to remove excess fluids from the body.

8. Tube stations: Underground railway stations on London Underground or commonly known as ‘The Tube’.

9. Cathode ray tubes: A vacuum tube in older televisions and monitors used to project images.

10. Fire tube boilers: A type of boiler that has flue gases pass through tubes that are surrounded by water for efficient heat transfer.

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