Glass Bongs

Why are you here?

It’s probably because you’ve heard about glass water pipes, and are interested in purchasing – or educating yourself about them. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible about bongs, the types of glass water pipes, and which one might be a good fit for you.

Glass Bongs, also known as water pipes, are a favorite for smokers for years. The designs, materials, and features, of today’s glass pipes are different from the ones used in the past – the purpose has remained the same. Glass Bongs are great for providing cool, smooth, and filtered smoke. The original bongs were made from bamboo, ceramic, and then later – acrylic. They are now made from glass. Glass bongs are the most popular option for smokers today, and provide a great way for to filter smoke. Many can last for years, if treated properly. They are a huge improvement over traditional smoking pipes, because they filter the dry herb/tobacco through water – sometimes, they filter them through one or more percolators, in order to get an extra smooth/chilled smoke. Water filtration in a glass bong cools down the smoke. As the smoke passes through the water inside the pipe, it’s chilled instantly. Perc bongs use percolators to force the smoke through tiny holes underwater, which breaks up the smoke into thousands of tiny smoke bubbles. What this does, is it increases the surface area of the smoke. This means it’s cooled down even more effectively. The increase in surface area results in more contact between the smoke and the surface area of the cooled water. 

There are dozens of percs, but they all do the same thing. Some perc bongs provide smoother hits, but more drag, and vice versa. Some Glass bongs, such as the tree perc bong, and the removable downstem bong – are very easy to clean. Other intricate glass bongs, such as the fab egg/pillar percs bong, offer very smooth hits.  

What should I look for in a Glass bong?

Options besides the type of percolator, include the base of the glass bong, the size, and other features. Bong features can include removal/fixed down stems, the body design, the ice catchers, and more. Ice catchers are a fantastic way to cool the smoke even more – for the smoothest possible smoke. Ice catchers are a fantastic way to cool your smoke.  Glass bongs are available in a few sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joint sizes. You’ll also want to look at the angle of the joint when you shop for an ashcatcher. Most beakers have a 45 degree joint, and most straight tubes/inline perc bongs have a 90 degree angle. 

Glass Bongs are water filtration based smoking devices which help filter dried herbs through water. The ultimate purpose of doing this is to prevent particles, and other water dissolving molecules from entering your respiratory system. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Regardless – they have three main distinguishing features in how they are constructed.

Water Chamber: The bottom of the water chamber has a chamber which holds water. It’s purpose is to filter, and cool, the smoke so that it’s smoother on your throat and lungs when it’s inhaled.

Tube: After the smoke passes through the water chamber, it goes upwards into a long vertical tube, and out the mouthpiece. Traditionally tubes are straight, but many nowadays have elaborate chambers which filter the smoke, and provide beauty.

Downstem: This is a diagonal stem which protrudes from a small hole in the actual tube. The stem’s bottom sits in the water chamber, while the top of the stem goes into a bowl in order to hold dried herbs. The purpose of the downstream is to draw the air, and smoke, into the water as the user inhales on it. This creates bubbles. When this downstream is stationary, it is accompanied by a car – which is a hole above the water line, that is then covered by your thumb – and released, when a user is ready to actually clear the tube. When you use a slider downstem, the smoker is actually pulling the stem out instead. Depending on your preference, the bowl of on top of the stem can be small, large, and is often decorative.

Below are the more popular versions of glass bongs

Percolator Glass Bongs: These types  have a suspended glass filter into the water chamber which breaks up, and spread out, the bubbles in the chamber evenly by circulating the smoke through the water. The results in smaller bubbles, which are better at filtering toxic substances. They also do a better job at cooling the smoke. There is more drag then milking, but the inhalation is smoother. Additional holes and smaller slits in a perf provide better diffusion, but also increase drag. Some pieces add an additional perf sub-chamber in the tube, which provides additional benefits, but require a harder pull.

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