Ace-Labz Titan-Stem Metal Downstem

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As the world of vaporizers and pipes becomes more advanced and more filled with various products, niches that were once too small to fill will slowly start to see products fill them. One of those has recently been filled by the Titan-Stem Adjustable Metal Downstem from Ace-Labz. This premium downstem includes all the most desirable functionality of a top-tier component, and it can be adjusted thanks to the various pieces that all fit together. It automatically fits all joints of either 14mm or 18mm, and you can set the length of the stem by adding or removing pieces.

This downstem also comes with two diffusers, and they can be interchanged by the user at any time. Since each piece of the downstem is made from versatile metal with its own threading, you can mix and match the pieces in whatever order you'd like. The two interchangeable diffusers are a tree diffuser and a standard slit diffuser, and both are quite effective at increasing filtration. There are five striking, glossy color options including silver, black, red, blue, and gold, so you'll be sure to find something that speaks to you.

The very fact that this downstem is designed to work with glass-on-glass pipes despite being made entirely from metal is a feat in itself. It won't be long before these modular components become much more popular within the industry. This is already starting to become true thanks to the prevalence of glass accessories and add ons that can work with standardized ground glass joints.

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