Borodirect 10" Twist Water Pipe

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The boro-direct 10 twist water pipe features a cool neck design that appears twisted. For each pipe, there is a chosen decal at the neck. It is roughly 10 inches tall with a slide rubber grommet. When it comes to the twisted neck, it serves multiple purposes with its fulcrum. The visual purpose is the first function of the boro-direct 10 twist water pipe twisted neck. People will do a double-take with the twisted glass water pipe. Moreover, the twisted neck is used to hold ice. To have the smoke cooled before inhalation, place the ice cubes around the the mouth-piece. The twisted neck is used to hold these ice cubes together while inhaling.

Features of the Borodirect 10 Twist Water Pipe
A scientific beaker is featured by the boro-direct 10 twist water pipe at the bottom of its neck. It is made for easy cleaning and hard to tip. They are great for coffee tables.

Deep Bowl
This equipment also features a deep bowl to allow more dry herbs to be packed instantly.

Flared Mouthpiece
Flared mouthpieces have an elevated glass around its mouthpiece to make it conform to your mouth for a superior comfort and an air-tight seal during vapng.

Fixed Downstem
The downstream is a tube of glass that funnels smoke from its bowl to the bong’s bottom. This downstem is fixed to the joint as a perc by distilling smoke with holes and slits.

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