Borodirect Blue Glass Bubbler

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The borodirect blue glass bubbler features a blue glass. They also come with red glass accents to provide one of the best appearances in the world of vaping. For over three years now, the borodirect blue glass bubbler has been adopted in the vaping world on a massive scale due to its shape and attractive appearance. The borodirect blue glass bubbler also features a fixed downstem, a deep bowl, a rounded mouthpiece, and a thick glass constriction. Because they are aware different clients have different tastes, they also made it with a full range of color glasses. 

The features of the borodirect blue glass bubbler
Bent Neck
The design of the bent neck comes with a wide range of functional and aesthetic qualities. When we talk about aesthetics, the bent neck provides the borodirect blue glass bubbler with a unique appearance and look for attraction. When we speak of functionality, the bent neck is a placed to form a splashguard keeping water inside the pipe.

Thick Glass
This pipe contains thick glass for longevity and durability. The thick glass is also good pro durability as it will not break easily. 

Fixed Downstem
The downstem is one of the fixed glass tubes that is used to funnel smoke emanating from the deep bowl in the glass bong. The downstem is fixed to the joints to distill the smoke.

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