Borodirect Hammerhead Recycler

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The Hammerhead Recycler is an absolute tank that packs a punch any time you smoke it. The piece is 7.5 inches tall and has a 14mm female joint that can be used with a bowl or a dome and nail. The female joint is connected to the body of the bong with a Dewar’s joint that increases sturdiness. The entire pipe is made from borosilicate glass, a type of glass that was scientifically engineered to be durable.

The main chamber of the piece is equipped with dual recyclers. Smoke and water pass repeatedly through these recyclers. During this time, the smoke is also forced to travel through the three hole inline percolator. This process filters out resin and ash from the smoke. The design of the main chamber also allows you to build up massive hits that are smooth and tasty. The bent neck ensures that you won’t ever inhale any water or chunks of herb. The pipe also has a flared mouth piece that creates an air tight seal while providing comfort for the user. 

This is a unique looking piece, making it great to show off. The small size makes it easy to transport and to bring to social gatherings. But even though it is small, this pipe delivers huge rips that will impress any connoisseur.

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